Part 4 of Some Common and Not-So-Common Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

This is a great question because there’s really no “right” answer, even though there are plenty of wrong ones. A good photographer is (first) an observer. Be wary of photographers who know it all before you’ve had a chance to talk- not knowing YOU means not knowing what will tug at your heartstrings.

“Seeing artistically does not happen automatically. We must constantly develop our powers of observation.” – Eugene Delacroix

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Some Common and Not-So Common Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer, Part 1

Photographers are as varied as the subjects they capture. Some are focused on the details, shooting only in micro- or macro- realms, while others are more interested in the big picture, shooting images from far away using drones or telescopes. Portraitists look for good representations of the people they photograph, while lifestyle photographers fall more into the emotional realm, highlighting the interactions between people as their subject, even more than the people themselves. 

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