Dinner in San Miguel De Allende, Gto. (Mexico)

Dinner in San Miguel De Allende, Gto. (Mexico)

Photo of me... taken by my 12-year-old son!

So... you want to know about me? 

I get that. I'd want to know about me too, if I were thinking of hiring me. Okay, before we get all meta, let's be real- anyone can snap a bunch of photos. The skill lies in knowing which ones to capture and which ones to pass by. That's one of my skills- the experience of hundreds of weddings helps me know where to be, and when to be there to catch all the great moments that happen throughout your celebration. I call it a celebration, because that's what it is, a joyous note sounded through the world, telling of your coming together; it's my honor to be able to be there to take part in my way.

My specialty is the way I relate to people. I listen to you, long before we meet with a camera anywhere around. If you're shy, I can relate- so we'll just talk. If you're nerdy, you may have found a friend. By the time your grand celebration rolls around, I know what you like, what side you favor, what your sense of humor is, and whether or not I can get away with letting my goofy inner self out to play. 

When we all meet up for your day, we'll know when sunset's taking place, where to setup for the best portraits, we'll have come up with an awesome idea for your First Look, and I'll know which groomsman I can joke with and which bridesmaid digs Doctor Who. I'll deal with the logistics, you just take deep breaths and love your day. 

I'm the photographer that will make sure it works, even if things go a little sideways from time to time- I'm here for you, because I treat my clients like friends. Remind me to tell you about the tropical storm wedding when we chat!

Feel free to call, text, or email me anytime. Likewise, there's a form on my contact page if you'd rather use that. Let's chat!