Some Common and Not-So Common Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer, Part 1

Lauren has a playful, creative style that meshed well with my ideas!

Lauren has a playful, creative style that meshed well with my ideas!

Photographers are as varied as the subjects they capture. Some are focused on the details, shooting only in micro- or macro- realms, while others are more interested in the big picture, shooting images from far away using drones or telescopes. Portraitists look for good representations of the people they photograph, while lifestyle photographers fall more into the emotional realm, highlighting the interactions between people as their subject, even more than the people themselves. Wedding photography encapsulates elements of pretty much all the photographic disciplines, pulling from each to fully document the emotions, details, environment, and subjects with a broad-reaching skill set. If you’re reading this, I assume you’re looking for a wedding photographer- I’m writing this with the thought of trying to frame what I consider to be appropriate answers to some of the questions I hear regularly…

  • Do I get all of the photos created on my wedding day?

I figured why not start with the toughest question first. The short answer is “no.” Wedding photographers catch blurry shots, blinks, open mouths, and images with plain old bad timing that shouldn’t ever see the light of day. Many photographers will provide a complete digital proof set of all the images that pass muster along with an online gallery for ordering and sharing your photographs. Every coverage package is customized to suit my clients, so some come with just prints or an album while others come with wall art or high-resolution digital files. The upshot is that your coverage and the products included will suit YOU.

Keep in mind that when you start talking about ALL the photos from your wedding day, you’re typically going to be looking at hundreds, if not thousands of images. Pick a photographer you trust and work with them to understand what you get and why. A good photographer will have an archive process in place for digital files so that even if you don’t get all the prints you want right away, you should be able to get to them in the future.

((continued in part 2!))


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